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今日からEveryday Craftをスタートさせていただきます。








I’m happy to announce I have started my blog “Everyday Craft”.

Creativity makes my life more fun and stimulating.

I love patchwork, crochet, felting,

scrapbooking&journal, photography, and so on.

I like to explore the creative journey like you, brought

here by my blog title  “Everyday Craft”.


Let me introduce myself to you a little bit more:

I’m a mother of 2, Japanese, and living in Australia.

Moving to Australia from Japan gave me a big change

in my life. I enjoy my present life in the countryside;

wild flowers blooming in spring;

breathtaking emerald green ocean and white sandy beach in summer;

rainbows appearing frequently over the farms in autumn and winter.

I found crocheting beside the fire is so nice in winter!


I met lovely people through craft and got inspired by them.

The members in the craft groups I belong to

are so generous to share the craft information

and teach their technique each other. I wanted to do the same,

that’s why I’ve started this blog,to share the joy of creativity,

and what I learned and inspired me, with you.

I hope you enjoy my blog and have fun crafting.
















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