Modaの残り布で作ったパッチワークのバッグPatchwork bag with moda’s leftover
























Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog, “Everyday Craft”.

The above photo is the patchwork I made with moda’s Layer Cakes, 10” square pack, and the pattern is  from a free pattern website. I still like traditional patchwork as well as cool modern one, and I think this traditional patchwork goes well with my living room that has creamy yellow carpet and wall, and a piece of dark brown antique furniture. It reminds me of a kind of Victorian atmosphere.(0f course,I’m a big fan of BBC’s epic dramas like Jane Austen’s).I trimmed the edge to a wavy line(I always prefer a wavy line. So elegant!) and added a narrow red piping between the binding as an accent. Those two were my original. The red piping was challenging for me. It’s a bit shame that in some part, the red one turned too narrow, but as a whole, I’m happy with my patchwork!

I still had leftover fabric after making the quilt top, so I made it into a patchwork bag. It’s a fun part of patchwork to think about what we make to use up leftover fabric, isn’t it? It’s challenging and achieving! This is also my new year resolution “use up my fabric as much as possible”. I’m a fabric collector like other patchworkers, and decided to give a life to them kept in boxes for ages! The leftover was substantial, so why not make a bag? I’m a bag lover. I chose my favourite, a bucket type one , from my pattern stock. Every time I make a bag, I make a pattern with thic paper, so I can skip the preparation step next time. It enables me to go into bag making more smoothly.  The pattern wasn’t originally for a patchwork bag, but I simply sewed the pieces together until it became a bit bigger than the pattern, then cut along the pattern, super easy!

The tricky part would be fabric lineup, the joining pieces of front and back should be different  one. I always need to have a think about handles, because handles might give a different look. This time I made “gathered” handles. They look nicer than ordinary ones, don’t they? The detail is important.

A few pieces still remained after the bag, so I made a corsage with ribbon and lace! It’s time to reward myself, isn’t it? I was quite productive about using up fabric this year,having  some more projects to show you. It would be a good excuse to buy some fabric in Japan.  (My children and I will spend 6 weeks with my parents in Japan for a holiday.) One of the highlights would be visiting “Tokyo Quilt Festival”!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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